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Welcome to PersonalTrainingBusiness.com!

We Are Here to Serve You :-)

We are here to help you learn everything there is to know about the business of personal training; how to become a personal trainer, how to excel in the fitness industry, how to build a rock solid fitness business, how to pick the best personal trainer certification for your specific needs, how to create a killer personal trainer business card, and most importantly, how to be a trainer that gets life transforming results with each and every fitness client!

Personal Training is the Career of the Century!

We really believe this to be true; personal trainers have the ability to make a difference in their clients' lives, in their communities, and all over the world. We help our clients take control of their lives, learn how to take care, stimulate, and nurture their body, teach them how to exercise, stay healthy, and create a satisfy lifestyle for themselves, how to be more self-reliant & self-accountable, how to create realistic goals & achieve them, how to be the very best they can possibly be!

Plus, what other job allows you to have fun, meet new people all the time, make a real difference in peoples' lives, stay fit and healthy, all while creating your own schedule and developing multiple revenue streams? Personal training is where it's at and we will show you how to become a personal trainer that makes a difference.

The World Needs You to Be a Personal Trainer

And the world needs it more than ever. The raging obesity epidemic, the even more troubling & morally dubious youth obesity epidemic, and the huge system that has been put in place to keep everyone fat, stupid, sick and reliant on huge corporations to take care of them. This system is really scary, it consists of large media companies & their false marketing & perpetuating of diet & fitness myths, the even larger pharmaceutical companies & health insurance companies that reinvest their profits into fast food chains because they know it will keep people sick & dependent on them, the factor farms that produce non-nourishing non-food that causes chronic disease but is subsidized by the government so that it is cheaper than real food made in real farms, the list goes on and on...

Personal trainers have a chance to make a difference, YOU have a chance to make a difference and help your clients break free from this system of disease & despair! Fitness professionals are, at their best, inspired and motivated people who create educational exercise experiences that transforms the clients body, mind, and life for the better. We help people realize their full potential & break the chains of conformity and mediocrity that our culture has placed on them, and in doing so, we can start to shift the culture at large in a healthier, more self-reliant and fit direction. Plus, to be a trainer who helps people get in shape is one of the most rewarding things you can do! Personal training is straight up fun.

A Community of Fitness Professionals Working Together

Creating a thriving personal fitness business can be extremely challenging, especially if you try to re-invent the wheel and do everything on your own. That's why we've created PersonalTrainingBusiness.com! Here you can learn from the best of the best, other elite fitness professionals who not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk, and easily avoid the most common trainer mistakes when it comes to building a fitness business.

Learn from people like Joe Dowdell, Brett Hoebel, John Romaniello, and Jillian Michaels, all who have been featured on the PersonalTrainingBusiness.com blog and were recently named in "The Top 100 Health & Fitness Professionals" by Greatist.com. They will help you jumpstart your success, avoid common fitness business mistakes, help you pick out the best personal trainer certification for your business, and show you by example how to become a personal trainer that really makes a difference in the world. These leaders are proof that personal training is where it's at.

How to Become a Personal Trainer

We feature truly inspirational leaders in the fitness industry to help our community of personal trainer be the best they can be and build successful fitness careers. There are many trainers out there struggling with the same problems you may have: not enough fitness clients, living check to check, always worried about your finances, tired or lazy clients who don't show up or show up late, confused about how to market themselves most effectively, how to brand themselves, unsure of what personal trainer marketing tactics work, what niche to go after, how to sell personal training, fitness marketing questions, how to build a killer website for their personal training business, how to get more leads for your personal fitness business both online and offline, how to make the most out of social media, how to avoid becoming overworked, how to become a personal trainer that makes a difference, how to manage their fitness business, how to pick the right trainer certification, how to be a trainer with integrity, and on and on.

You don't have to feel alone & isolated, like you are the only person with these personal training business problems, because you are not alone! There are many out there who struggle with these issues, but the cool thing is that there are many trainers who have learned how to solve all of these issues for good. Our goal on PersonalTrainingBusiness.com is to help connect you with the solutions to your most common fitness business problems in the fastest, most convenient, and cheapest manner possible. And if we can help you build your network while having fun in the process, well then we couldn't possible ask for anything more!

How Can We Help You Get Started? Booster Kit Activate!

If you haven't already, be sure to get our business booster kit which will provide with some cool tools to help give your fitness business a boost, stuff like client contracts, exercise journals, a template for creating a killer personal training business card.

You can get the booster kit by providing us with your address in the form at the top right of this web page. When you do, we will send you the booster kit plus you will automatically join our "Insider's Club Newsletter", which is an email newsletter that goes out 1 or 2 times per week (usually on Tuesday &/or Thursday). The newsletter allows us to deliver interviews with successful fitness entrepreneurs, special discount deals, personal training business tactics, and fitness business building tools right to your inbox! Your email address will NEVER be sold, and we will never email you more than 2x per week, we HATE spam too, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Grow Your Fitness Business While Having FUN :-)

Our goal is to help you build your fitness business & achieve your goals while having fun. Seriously! To do just that, we have built into PersonalTrainingBusiness.com an interactive game that allows you to earn points for each action you take on the website, and you can use these points for rewards you with cool gifts that will help you build your personal training business! So each time you login to PersonalTrainingBusiness.com, comment on a blog post, like a post, react to a post, start a forum thread, answer a forum question etc you will earn PTB points which you can redeem for stuff like a 1 month free membership, a free private coaching sessions, free access to our business building webinars and much more. Who says the business of personal training has to be boring?

PersonalTrainingBusiess.com Blog

Next, we have a blog, where we feature tons of free content to help you grow your fitness business. This is where you will find some of the interviews of top fitness professionals, talking about their secrets to success, along with other post about stuff like tools for personal trainers, how to sell personal training, how to incorporate your fitness business, how to pick the best trainer certification, basically everything you need to know on how to become a personal trainer!

You can always use the "search box" in the right side bar or click on the categories in right side bar to find exactly what you need. Be sure to leave your comments on the blog, we love to hear what you are thinking, always.

PersonalTrainingBusiness.com Forums

There are also FORUMS where you can get your specific questions answered, share your goals and success with other trainers, be held accountable, help other trainers find solutions to their problems, build your network, and find other professional trainers to partner with on projects or to develop and execute fitness business ventures. To be a trainer means to put yourself out there, work smarter, work with other colleagues, and to make a difference; you'll be amazed how our forums provide a platform for doing just that. We are 100% committed to personal training training! You can learn how to become a personal trainer just by using our forums!

The Personal Training Business Software

We've developed a free piece of online software that allows you to manage your clients, organize your fitness marketing efforts, follow up with potential leads, assess the health of your fitness business, project what your yearly revenue will be, determine which fitness clients are really working for your business and which ones need to go, keep track of your continuing education and trainer certification, keep track of your clients' birthdays, training anniversaries, and when their rate last went up, etc.

The software was develop by Johnny Fitness, who basically was using a spreadsheet to track his business & decided to share it with his friends. The friends loved the spreadsheet, so Johnny decided to develop this business software for trainers and give it away for free! Whether you do group fitness, fitness bootcamps, private 1-on-1 personal training, or a combination of them, you will find the software very useful in managing & building your fitness business. Did we mention is was free? :-)

The Personal Training Business System & Members Only Area

For personal trainers, fitness professionals, and fitness entrepreneurs who are really motivated and ready to jump start their personal training business, we created an exclusive member's only area that features a step-by-step fitness business system. This is the same system that Johnny Fitness used to build his personal training business; Johnny started training at 19 years old, was co-manager of a gym by age 22, bought a home by age 24 with the money he had saved up personal training, and was training Jillian Michaels of "The Biggest Loser" by age 27.

The beauty of the system is that it comprehensive without being overwhelming; it takes you step by step through each aspect of building a killer personal fitness training business and how to become a personal trainer. There are modules, and you do 1 module at a time; each module has tools, tips, and tried & true techniques for getting more clients, building your fitness business, creating multiple revenue streams, starting an in home business, how to pick a trainer certification, pretty much everything it takes on how to become a personal trainer that has an awesome lifestyle while really making a difference and helping people at the same time.

The system features all kinds of "done for you" tools, like our Corporate Fitness template which you can use to get corporate fitness clients more easily, our library with content you can use to add more value to your clients and fitness business, videos on specific topics, like how to raise your rate, what fitness marketing tactics work best, how to get client referrals, how to get more clients, etc, plus several exclusive reports, like Joe Dowdell's "Top 10 Books for Launching an Elite Fitness Career", Johnny Fitness's "Youth Fitness Jump Start system", plus you will also have access to every recording of every webinar we have ever done, including "How to Sell Personal Training" by Chris O'Toole, "The 5 Key Ingredients to Building a Successful Fitness Business & Career" by Joe Dowdell, and "How to Use Facebook to Get More Fitness Clients" by Johnny Fitness.

Personal Training Business Webinars

As a member, you will get semi-private coaching at no extra charge; each month we host personal training business webinars that are included in your paid membership. A webinar is an interactive online video conference that anyone with a computer and internet can participate in. The webinars go over different topic that the training community needs help with: fitness marketing, how to sell personal training, how to pick the best personal trainer certification, how to avoid the most common personal training business mistakes, how to manage, inspire, and motivate clients, how to start a home fitness business, how to launch a fitness boot camp, how to raise your rate and on and on just to name a few. We will teach you how to become a personal trainer that ROCKS!

The webinars are free for paying members of the business system, and non members can pay to join the webinars. We have to keep the number of attendees pretty low, because we do a 40 minute presentation followed by a 20 minute question and answer session, so that each person can get their specific questions answered! The webinars are really fun & interactive, and trainers always leave them pumped and with a several solid list of "to do" items to build their fitness business.

Personal Training Mastermind Group

Once or twice a year, we host a business mastermind group for personal trainers that are ready to take a HUGE leap towards fulfilling their dreams and business goals. It's hard work but also really fun! Basically, it is a serious of online interactive semi-private coaching webinars, schedule 1x/week and lead by Johnny Fitness, that take you step by step through the personal training business system and software. We keep things small & intimate, each group consists of only 9 trainers. To be a trainer in the mastermind group means you are ready to move past your comfort zone, try some new techniques, be held accountable by your peers, and are ready to make a great living off of personal training.

The mastermind consists of usually 6 presentations presented over 2 months, 6 "Money Maker's Checklists" which is basically a checklist each masterminder is given each week, of specific tasks and steps they must take before the next online meeting, and at the end of each online meeting is the famous "Accountability Session", where each masterminder shares what actions they have taken since the previous week, what success they have had, and what obstacles they are facing.

The goal of each mastermind is to, in about 6 weeks, set up each participant's personal training business to make 6 figures the next year! And we have had some tremendous successes, which you can read about on our "Success Stories" page; young trainers who have increased their yearly projected income by over $32,000, older industry veterans that have picked up 10 clients in the first month, and one dude who picked up 13 new clients in less than 3 weeks using one of the fitness marketing tactics that was taught by Johnny Fitness.

What Are You Waiting For?

Commit to personal training, use our site to build your personal training business, learn how to become a personal trainer, get the best trainer certification, a be a trainer who makes a difference, and build a fitness business that supports your dream lifestyle! The time is now, take advantage of PersonalTrainingBusiness.com and build the fitness business of your dreams. Your fitness business has the power to make a real difference; use our site to learn how to become a personal trainer, get your trainer certification, learn fitness marketing, and build a fitness business that helps heal the world . You deserve it and the world needs you now more than ever!

What Are You Waiting For?

The time is now :-) You can start helping people achieve their fitness goals & building a personal fitness business with the free content on our blog. We feature articles on all kinds of topics, the stuff you need to know to build a killer fitness business.

Some of our most popular articles and topics focus on branding for trainer, critical perspectives that will help you avoid the most common personal training business mistakes, how to sell personal training, how to define your niche, how exercise transforms the world and your fitness clients, exercise psychology and how to manage your business relationships, social media tactics including how to use Facebook and twitter to build your fitness business, basic internet marketing for personal trainers, business building videos, interviews of other fitness entrepreneurs, how to get more clients using online and offline marketing tactics, (and which to focus on first, very important), personal trainer money issues like what a good personal training salary is, how to develop your personal training business policies, how to get testimonials from your fitness clients, how to be an elite fitness professional, how to start a gym, fitness business news and how to be a personal trainer that attracts opportunities both inside and outside the fitness industry, how to pick a personal trainer certification, how to target youth fitness clients, and much much more.

We Want to Know what YOU think :-)

Please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form. You can also post questions and comments on the personal training business blog and the fitness business forums, which is the fastest way to get in touch with us and let us know how we can best help you. This entire website and community is build on the ability of our staff and trainer to help people who are just like you! So if we can help you build your business, market yourself, really anything you can think of relation to the business of personal training, please contact us and let us know. We want to hear from you, the more interactive the website's content becomes, the more helpful the PersonalTrainingBusiness.com comes for everyone in the community!

Use the "Search" field in the Right Side Bar to Find What You Are Looking For?

We are here to serve you, the only dumb question is one that goes unasked! Use the "SEARCH" field in the right sidebar to make sure you question has not been answered already in one of our blog posts or forum posts. Chances are, we have already covered the topic or technique you are interested in learning about, and it is waiting to be discovered right now! Go ahead and give it a whirl, you personal training business career and dream fitness business awaits you :-)

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